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Hello everyone. This is Tim and welcome to my website My Natural Testosterone.

Not-Optimal Version Of Myself

Living a happy and healthy life of a masculine guy was somewhat of a discovery for me after many years of unhealthy lifestyle, 5 till 9 job, and a sedentary lifestyle. At some point I realized I wasn’t living up to the full potential of me as a men and decided to change it. Not only that. I wanted to compensate for the many years I felt went in vain.

Growing up I was always a little smaller and weaker than everyone else. In fact when I graduated in grade 12 I was still only 5ft 7in and weighted only 120lbs. I always felt I had to work a little bit harder and do whatever it took to gain that extra edge on other guys.

As I was getting older the usual things happened. I started gaining weight beyond control, losing hair, was often tired and annoyed by my job and people around me, lost sex drive and started having problems with erection way too early. I didn’t the image of the guy in the mirror.

The Flexing Point Of Becoming A Better Man

I remember that day, when I overheard a conversation of two guys on the subway talking about testosterone replacement therapy one of them was undergoing. He was very excited with the results but was truly concerned about the potential risks. When I came back home that evening I fired up internet and started my research. I realized I had all the symptoms of low T and continued reading almost in a trans until early hours in the morning on how to change it. I realized I might have found the way to change my life for better.

It was 10 years ago and over the years I tried out many techniques and products as well as researched methods to naturally improve my physical appearance, muscles, self-confidence, and success with women.

But everywhere I looked and every stone I turned, I realized it all boils down to ONE thing. Testosterone is the key hormone that defines us as men and only by maintaining the right T levels (especially when we are getting older) you can stay healthy, happy, fit and look good.

Now I want to give back.

The Game Has Changed

Before you needed to have either great genetics, be an athlete from early years or do both to have a great body, masculine appearance, and feel good as you reach late 30s and beyond. Nowadays innovative supplements, dietary solutions, customized workout programs boost your testosterone levels and make you be the glowing and confident guy standing out from the rest.

The content that I’m going to be discussing here is centered around naturally boosting your T and becoming the best version of yourself. I hope you join me in this journey and you will be as thrilled with your results I was with mine.


All the best,


Founder of MyNaturalTestosterone.com

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